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Learn language through film with Mango Premiere

Lights, camera, language. Mango Languages is introducing the first-of-its-kind language learning resource that teaches language through full-length feature films—Mango Premiere. By the end of 2013, 20 movies will be available to libraries with a full Mango subscription. Click here for general info about Mango Premiere. Current Mango libraries can also visit and register for a programming kit full of turnkey resources to plan their own Mango Premiere launch party.

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Mango Languages is an annual subscription database that offers in-house and remote access to over 50 foreign language courses, in addition to 17 English courses taught in the userís native language (see full course list below). Mango Languages loves libraries, and libraries love Mango. Yes, Mango is a language-learning company. But more importantly, weíre your library's partner. As the library market leader with a renewal rate of over 90%, Mango understands your challenges and listen closely to your feedback. Check out this short video of the course in action.

Every course, chapter, and lesson incorporates Mango's Intuitive Language Construction methodology, designed to simulate the way people learn a foreign language when actually immersed in everyday, practical conversation. Each lesson incorporates four key learning components:
  • Vocabulary
    Mango focuses on words and phrases that will be the most valuable in common, real-life situations for each specific language and culture. Vocabulary words are taught through conversation, rather than just a list, to help users understand context and make the most of their time.
  • Pronunciation
    Mangoís course audio is recorded by professional native-speaking voice talents, giving users the best possible baseline on which to model their own pronunciation. The course also provides two speeds for everything it teaches: a normal, conversational speed and a slower speed, in which every syllable is clearly enunciated. Our voice comparison feature allows students to compare their pronunciation to the narratorís, using a visual representation to note the differences.
  • Grammar
    Grammar instruction is at the core of what makes Mangoís methodology unique. Since each lesson is based on actual conversation, Mango students are constantly learning about grammar and sentence structure, at the same time that theyíre learning vocabulary and pronunciation. Through Mangoís semantic color mapping, literal translations, grammar notes, and critical thinking exercises, students begin to intuitively understand how words and phrases are combined to construct meaning.
  • Culture
    Mango integrates cultural insights into every lesson, ensuring that users develop an understanding of the expectations, customs, and etiquette of the culture they are studying. This understanding helps students navigate the most appropriate language to use in particular situations and with different audiences.

Mango is your patronsí gateway to new opportunities. Whether theyíre are preparing for the trip of a lifetime, seeking personal or professional development, or learning English to settle in the U.S., Mango can help your patrons start a conversation. Unlimited simultaneous access means that Mango can be used anytime, anywhere—online at the library, remotely from home, or on a smartphone with Mango's FREE mobile apps. Mango also offers administrative tools to track usage and a variety of promotional materials to help you spread the word and attract new patrons. Whatís not to love? Click here to get your library started with a free 30-day trial.

Foreign language courses available from Mango Languages

Arabic (Egyptian)   Haitian Creole   Romanian
Arabic (Levantine)     Hawaiian     Russian
Arabic (Modern Standard)     Hebrew     Scottish Gaelic - New!
Armenian - New!     Hindi     Serbian - New!
Azerbaijani - New!     Hungarian - New!     Slovak
Bengali - New!     Icelandic     Spanish (Latin America)
Chinese (Cantonese)     Indonesian     Spanish (Spain)
Chinese (Mandarin)     Irish     Swahili
Croatian     Italian     Swedish
Czech     Japanese     Tagalog
Danish     Kazakh - New!     Tamil
Dari     Korean     Telugu - New!
Dutch     Malay - New!     Thai
Farsi     Malayalam - New!     Turkish
Finnish     Norwegian     Ukrainian
French     Pashto     Urdu
French (Canadian)     Polish     Vietnamese
German     Portuguese (Brazil)     Yiddish - New!
Greek     Punjabi - New!        

Religious and scholarly language courses:

Ancient Greek     Koine Greek
Biblical Hebrew     Latin

English as a second language (ESL) courses:

Arabic (Modern Standard) - New!     Greek     Russian
Armenian - New!     Italian     Spanish
Chinese (Cantonese)     Japanese     Turkish
Chinese (Mandarin)     Korean     Vietnamese
French     Polish        

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