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Free trial, free 30-Minute Money Solutions book, and a free user too!

This month MCLS libraries have free access to Morningstar Investment Research Center. And as a special bonus, libraries that sign up for trial access will also receive a free hardcover copy of Morningstarís 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances. Written by Christine Benz, Morningstar's Director of Personal Finance, this no-nonsense title breaks down important financial tasks into doable chunks—each of which can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less. Libraries that decide to purchase the database with a February 1, 2013 start date will receive one free simultaneous user license.

To request trial access, email Be sure to include your name, library, and library's street address to ensure delivery of 30-Minute Money Solutions.

For quotes, subscriptions, or other assistance contact us at

Overview—Morningstar Investment Research Center

The subscription period for MCLS subscriptions to Morningstar Investment Research Center is February 1–January 31. Prorated subscriptions are welcome and will be set to end on January 31. Pricing is on a per-SU basis. Unlimited remote access also available.

Morningstar Investment Research Center is a comprehensive financial database designed specifically for libraries. The database can assist patrons with all of their investing needs through the following features:
  • Over 41,000 investments, including funds, stocks, and exchange-traded funds
  • Thousands of analyst reports from Morningstar experts
  • Investing Classroom and Tutorial Center for newer investors
  • Screening tools to quickly filter through thousands of stocks and funds
  • Portfolio X-Ray and fund comparison tools
  • Retirement and college savings calculators

All Morningstar Investment Research Center clients also receive access to the Client Site, which features COUNTER compliant traffic reports, investing education resources, marketing materials, and free database training services to assist libraries in fulfilling their patrons investing needs.

Questions about bringing Morningstar to your library? Contact us at

Looking for helpful tips on using Morningstar Investment Research Center? Visit the online Tutorial Center.

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