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Plunkett Research Online provides industry analysis and market research for all vital industry sectors, ranging from biotech and nanotech to sports and retail. For each sector, the database will provide market research and trend analysis, statistic information, profiles of leading companies, association and organizations lists, and a glossary of industry-specific terms. Plunkett has added many updates to the database in the past year, including a new easier-to-use interface, industry specific videos, and improved job seeker resources. Be sure to use the Build-a-Report feature to create a custom report on your area of interest.

These videos feature current subscribers (first is Academic, second is Public) giving feedback on the database and discussing how it is used in their libraries:

Plunkett Research also offers and e-book versions of 32 titles for just $299.99 a piece. Here is a link to Plunkett's 2012 catalog:

In comparison with other business research databases, Plunkett Research Online is generally more cost effective, easier to navigate, and better organized.

Better Industry Data
Better User Interface
Better Tools
Better Value

Included business sectors:

Advertising, Branding & Marketing
Airlines, Hotels & Travel
Alternative & Renewable Energy
Apparel, Textiles & Fashions
Asian Companies
Automobiles & Trucks
Biotechnology, Drugs & Genetics
Canadian Industries
Chemicals, Coatings & Plastics
Infotech, Computers & Software
E-Commerce & Internet
Energy & Utilities
Engineering & Research
Entertainment & Media
Food Beverage & Tobacco
Games, Apps, & Social Media
Green Technology
Health Care
International Companies
Investment & Securities
Job Seeker Resources & Tools
Middle Market Companies
Nanotechnology & MEMS
Outsourcing & Offshoring
Private Companies
Real Estate & Construction
Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics
Wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & Cellular

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