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Libraries may subscribe to either Value Line Research Center or to its single module Value Line Investment Survey.  Research Center includes on-line web access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks.  Specifically, a subscription to the Research Center will include:

Value Line online research products provide:
  • Convenience. The Value Line Library Editions On-Line are easy to use, offering user authentication via IP address eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. We offer subscription options providing unlimited simultaneous users to fit any size system.
  • Remote Access. The on-line version of Value Line may be accessed by any of your registered patrons through the use of EZ Proxy, Referring URL, or Bar Code Recognition from anywhere outside of the library.
  • Flexibility. Your patrons will have hundreds of data fields to choose from when utilizing our advanced investment screening platform. They can export those findings to Excel or print out a copy to take with them for further analysis.
  • Confidence. Widely recognized for its objectivity and insightful analysis, Value Line lets your patrons evaluate opportunities with confidence.

Value Lineís Library Editions On-Line will allow your users to take advantage of the most useful tools available. They include:
  • Customized screening
  • Stock lookup to search for tickers and company names
  • Industry lookup and search features
  • Custom company reports
  • Model portfolios
  • Custom user portfolios
  • ìQuick Searchî for Value Line rank changes
  • ìReal-Timeî supplementary analyst reports
  • Historical archives dating back to 1997 (Additional Fee Applies)
  • Stock recap screen featuring quotes, news, option data, graphs, and Time & Salesv
  • ìMarket Reviewî with index information on Dow Jones, S&P, CBOE, Russell, and NYSEv
  • PDF reports formatted for printing and emailing

Value Line Investment Survey

The Value Line Investment Survey, recently rated by Hulbert number 1 among 165 research newsletters for risk adjusted gains during the last 20 years, is one of the most widely used independent investment information services in the world. Its up-to-date issues are a comprehensive reference that has useful information for virtually every investor. In breadth of coverage it is encyclopedic, covering some 1,700 equity issues. Every week, about 135 stocks in seven or eight industries are covered.

Value Line Investment Survey ñ Small and Mid-Cap Edition

The Value Line Investment Survey ñ Small and Mid-Cap Edition complements The Value Line Investment Survey and covers approximately 1,800 additional, mostly small-capitalization, issues. The Expanded Edition features consensus earning estimates for many companies, a business description of each company, including recent corporate developments, and Value Line's Performance Ranks, designed to predict relative price performance over the next six to 12 months. The publication does not include analysts' commentaries.

Value Line Database Companies

In addition to the 3,500 companies covered between the two publications discussed above, Value Line also maintains a database on approximately an additional 4,000 companies. The Value Line Investment Survey Plus includes the ability to screen and generate profile reports on this expanded universe, bringing the total equity coverage to approximately 7,000+ companies!

Value Line Mutual Fund Advisor Plus

The Value Line Mutual Fund Advisor Plus gives access to data and covers over than 20,000 load, no-load, and low-load funds and powerful fund screening tools with hundreds of fields available that allow you to filter through the data using your own criteria to find funds that meet your investment objectives. This database provides monthly pricing, basic fund information, weekly performance data, sector weights, holdings data, historical monthly returns, per share data and much more. We are constantly adding new funds, so there will be some newly covered funds every month. We have continued to expand our database to what is now recognized as the finest resource for mutual fund performance and non-performance data.

Value Line Daily Options Survey

The Value Line Daily Options Survey allows access to the Value Line Daily Options Survey for daily evaluations and ranks on over 160,000+ options, on about 2,000 stocks, and 11,000 longer-term options (LEAPS). You'll also get The Option Strategist, an online publication offering advice about investing with options.

Value Line Special Situations Service

The Value Line Special Situations Service opens the world of emerging companies with bright futures to the more aggressive investor. Our analysts are constantly on the lookout for lesser-known stocks where unusual developments may pave the way for extraordinary rewards. Stocks covered in this publication may well include another Computer Associates or ADP.

Value Line Convertibles Survey

You'll find analysis and evaluation of nearly 600 convertible issues and 120 warrants in a timely and easy to use format in The Value Line Convertibles Survey. Besides buy and sell recommendations, comprehensive reports on recommended securities, as well as news on companies in the service, Part 2 (the Evaluation Section) is available in Microsoft Excel format.

Value Line ETF Survey

This service has an ETF Expected Relative Return Rating System that builds on Value Line's experience with its Timeliness Ranking System. Starting with the list of stocks in each ETF, the raw score forecast for each stock's expected relative performance is weighted by that stock's market capitalization and then summed to arrive at a capitalization weighted average forecast for the ETF as a whole. These forecasts are scaled to numbers ranging from a possible +50 (Highest Expected Relative Return) to -50 (Lowest). A rating of 0 (zero) corresponds to an expected return comparable to the markets.

Additional Information

MCLS' Public and Academic group subscriptions to Value Line databases run February 1 - January 31. Mid-year additions are welcome.
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