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Sage Collections Plus E-Journals

New—Deep Backfile Package for Academic Libraries

The SAGE Deep Backfile Package enables users to trace citations back to volume 1, issue 1 across a span of research topics. SAGE has over 440 journal backfiles, including content covering business, humanities, social and hard sciences, technology and medicine. Backfile coverage extends from 1879 to the last issue of 1998. Access from January 1999 to the present is included in your SAGE Premier subscription. SAGE has located, and provided on the platform, 98% of the journal back files included in this collection.

Click here for additional details. For more information, or to purchase this collection, please contact Diana Mitchell at (800) 530-9019 extension: 112 or

Product Overview

A group purchase agreement with SAGE allows participating institutions to have electronic access to all SAGE full-text titles. Sage Collections Plus E-Journals includes:
  • Access to over 400 peer-reviewed Journals.  Over 220 Sage Journals thru the 10 SAGE Full-Text Collections, via CSA’s Illumina platform, and the remaining 200+ titles available thru Sage Journals Online.
  • Current access to over 160,000 full-text articles.
  • Collection titles include access to up 57 years of backfiles, going back to Volume 1, Issue 1 in some cases.  SAGE will be digitizing back to Volume 1, Issue 1 on all titles where possible in the Collections.
  • Interdisciplinary:  SAGE Publishes journals across 40 disciplines.
  • 100% active full-text links.
  • OpenURL linking to articles.
  • Cited reference linking between articles across all 10 collections.
  • Ability to cross search Sage titles and other resources on CSA Illumina platform

Additional Information

SAGE Premier Fixed List 2013-2015

2013 Amendment to Sage-MCLS license agreement
MCLS' license agreement to SAGE Collections Plus runs annually, January through December.

Sage Deep Backfile license
Sage Deep Backfile title list

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