Melba Moose FAQ

MCLS Online Ordering System Help

MCLS recommends the Firefox web browser for accessing this Web Site, Portal, and Online Ordering System. Download a free copy from Mozilla Firefox.

Melba Moose

Melba Moose is the symbol we have chosen for our Online Ordering System. Melba is an icon, representing MCLS staff, present throughout the system to show you the way, help you when needed, and provide an easy link. As always, MCLS staff are only a phone call or email away to help you.

Yes, we know Melba has both antlers and eyelashes. Melba is not gender specific. Again - Melba is an icon!

Login, Screen Name, and Password

Before you can utilize the new web portal you must retrieve your password and login. Any member of your library staff may access the portal. If you are currently listed in MCLS records, your email address will probably be your screen name.
  1. Click here or copy and paste this link:
  2. In the login box enter your screen name - (try your email address first)
  3. Go to your e-mail account to read the message with instructions and password
  4. Click the link in the e-mail
  5. Enter your Screen Name and Password
  6. Click Login


Click on Melba Moose to order supplies, databases, and other products directly.
For information specific to your institution click on "My Subscriptions" on the left side of the screen.

You will see several options, including:
  • Renew Subscriptions
  • View Active Subscriptions
  • View All Subscriptions
  • Review Quotes
  • Update Contact Information
  • Member Accounts Online


It is easy to get a quote through the Online Ordering System.  Just login, search for and click on the name of the product that you are curious about. For many of our products, you will see a customized price quote.  If for some reason pricing is not available, just click on "Request A Quote" and MCLS staff will get back with you as soon as possible. Open Quotes may be viewed an approved online on the My Subscriptions page. Again, MCLS staff is just a phone call or email away.


Notification of upcoming renewals are delivered by email. You will be notified when renewals are upcoming and detailed instructions will be included. All renewals are processed through MCLS’s Online Ordering System. After your order is placed, a confirmation notice will be sent to you via email, similar to what you would receive when placing an order through many other online sites.

Who is allowed to renew subscriptions at my library?
Any staff member at your library may renew subscriptions. All libraries have their own internal guidelines for who can and cannot place orders, and you’ll probably find it most convenient to stick to those rules. Note that although the renewal transaction will occur online, it is fully binding. Treat your online orders with the same gravity as orders you write into a hard copy form and sign yourself. Any staff member may place the order, no matter who receives the email renewal notification. That person will become the contact for that order.

Should I renew all my databases up for renewal, or should I wait for database specific emails to be sent?
Any databases that are 'ready' (those that have new pricing), can be renewed all in one transaction. You will receive an email notification when a Renewal is ready for your approval. You will receive periodic email reminders until you login and Renew.

What are the specific renewal steps? 
  • You will receive an email notification when something is ready to renew
  • Follow the link provided in the email - you will be prompted to login
  • If not already there, go to the My Subscriptions page
  • Find the item you wish to Renew (eligible items display a Renewal Price in Red)
  • Select 'Renew' from the drop-down list
  • Click the 'Send' button
  • The item is placed in your Shopping Cart
  • (You can return to your Subscriptions page to add another renewable item to the cart, or just checkout)
  • Click 'Checkout' and proceed through the entire Checkout process to complete the Renewal, following all on-screen instructions
  • (For RIDES subscriptions only: you might be billing to your CoOp. To do so, you must 'Change Billing' to the CoOp at the top of the Shipping & Billing screen)
  • If needed, you can place PO numbers, special requests about the order, etc. in the fields labeled for those
  • Continue the Checkout process
  • Submit the Order
  • Print your Order Confirmation Page
  • MCLS will receive your Order immediately and it will be processed promptly
  • An invoice will be mailed (regular mail) to your institution for payment

What if something goes wrong?
Remember!  MCLS staff is just a phone call or email away. You can NOT break the system and any entries made in error may be easily reversed - just notify us asap by phone or email.

Login and visit My Subscriptions now!

Search Tips

MCLS' store search is designed for simple keyword searching. You won't be able to search like on Google or your OPAC!

For best results follow these tips:
  • Generally it's better to start a wide search over a narrow search. Keep the number of search terms to 1 or 2.
  • Searching is not case-sensitive.
  • When searching for a vendor, use just 1 or 2 words in the vendor's name. For example: if you are searching for Taylor & Francis products, search for Taylor.
  • Hyphens or other punctuation are needed to match, so searching for abc-clio will require you to search it with the hyphen. A better search would be for just clio or abc (notice that searching is NOT case sensitive).
  • If you get a lot of results for your search, use your browser's page-searching tools to find the text on the page. You get access to Firefox page-searching with Ctrl-F.

Completing and Changing Orders

Who signs and submits orders?
Any staff member at an MCLS Member library may order products or renew subscriptions, regardless of who may receive email renewal notification. Whoever places the order will become the contact for that order. 

All libraries have their own internal guidelines for who can and cannot place orders, and you’ll probably find it most convenient to stick to those rules. Note that although the transaction occurs online, it is fully binding. Treat your online orders with the same gravity as paper orders that require a signature. 

What if I want to order something mid-year?
Most of the MCLS group subscriptions have set terms - for example, January 1 - December 31. When you place an order through the Online Ordering System the dates will automatically default to the next group subscription term. Pricing is only available for full year subscriptions. Many of the vendors MCLS works with offer prorated pricing for institutions that would like to join an existing group.
 As an example:
    Annual Terms:      January 1 - December 31
    Annual Price:         $2,400
    Prorated Terms:   May 1 - December 31 (8 month subscription)
    Prorated Price:      $1,600 (cost for an 8 month subscription)

All orders are reviewed by MCLS staff before they are submitted to Accounting. Any changes that need to be made for dates or pricing will completed, and a new Order Confirmation email will be sent. On the page where you enter "Bill To" information, there is a free text field where you may enter a note to MCLS staff. If you would like, feel free to contact us - either call or email - during the checkout process.
How do I know when my order is complete?
Your order is complete when you have clicked on Submit Order and you see an Order Confirmation page. MCLS staff will then receive your order, and verify all of the information.

What if things change when an order is verified?
Every order is reviewed by MCLS staff before it is confirmed. We check for any notes you may have written, correct pricing, dates, etc. If there are any changes, staff will send you a revised Order Confirmation. If you see any discrepancies at any time, we can always fix them. Please remember that even though we have automated the system, staff is still here to help you out at any time!  Our primary goal is still to make our members happy!

Subscription Status

How can I see my institution's subscriptions?
The My Subscriptions page in the MCLS Online Ordering System shows your library's subscriptions only, not billing information. The 'Renew Subscriptions' section displays any current or future subscriptions that are able to be renewed by your library through the system. The 'View Active Subscriptions' section shows your current subscriptions. The 'View All Subscriptions' section shows subscriptions that have ending dates that are in the past - that is, they have expired.

These screens show only the names, prices, and effective dates of the library's subscriptions, and are meant as guides to show you at a glance, all the databases that your library is or has been subscribed to, and to help you know whether or not you have already renewed a specific database for an upcoming time period. To view additional detail, there is an option to download your subscription information to a spreadsheet.

This 'My Subscriptions' area does not display any information about the status of an invoice for your subscriptions, and is not intended to track billing/accounting information or 'order/renewal  progress'. If you wish to check on the status of your Account, view specific invoices, etc., you may consult 'Member Accounts Online' for that information. You can access this from the 'My Subscriptions' page, or click on the "My MCLS Pages" link in the upper right hand corner, and this takes you to your personal Portal. You will see Member Accounts Online link on that page, and you can review your Account status with MCLS. ("Right-click" on any link in the Member Accounts Online window to open it in a larger screen for easier viewing). Alternatively, you may contact MCLS Member Services about a specific order.


Why are my invoice dates different than they were in the past?
With the Online Ordering System, orders are entered into our Accounting System immediately for processing. We understand that this can be difficult with the fiscal restraints of your library and we do have the ability to amend the invoicing date to accommodate your institutional needs. If you would like to delay the renewal payment until a later date, just let us know and we can adjust. During the checkout process, on the page where you enter "Bill To" information, there is a free text field where you may enter a note to MCLS staff.