OCLC Cataloging Services

OCLC Cataloging Services can make your cataloging operations more productive and cost-effective. WorldCat®, OCLC's Online Union Catalog, is the world's premiere bibliographic database with almost 80 million bibliographic (MARC) records representing every type of format from books to videos to DVDs, CDs, serials, electronic resources, and more. OCLC offers cataloging subscription pricing for both high volume and low volume catalogers, and offers the easy-to-use web-based CatExpress® service especially for smaller libraries.

OCLC sales
To order OCLC Cataloging subscriptions and other OCLC products and services, see OCLC's Orders web page. To request a quote or other sales information, contact OCLC at usa@oclc.org.

OCLC customer support
MCLS/OCLC members will now contact OCLC Customer Support for all questions related to support for OCLC products and services.  To contact OCLC Customer Support, please email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800.

OCLC service hours
OCLC support professionals are available 14 hours a day, Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–9:00 pm Eastern Time, to assist you with your needs. They will provide answers about OCLC products and services, to help your library maximize the value of your OCLC membership.

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