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Available Services

OCLC® Interlibrary Loan Service
Includes information on ILL Transfer, ILL Fee Management (IFM) the Name-Address Directory, Custom Holdings, Usage Reports, and ILL Document Suppliers Program.

OCLC ILL Fee Management Service
The OCLC ILL Fee Management service (IFM) helps libraries significantly reduce administrative costs by allowing users to pay—and be paid for—ILL lending charges through their OCLC invoices.

OCLC ILLiad software is a comprehensive interlibrary loan management system that automates routine borrowing and lending functions within a library's interlibrary loan department. OCLC ILLiad also provides a web interface that empowers library end users to submit ILL requests and allows them to track the status of their requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without library staff intervention. OCLC ILLiad software includes interfaces to the OCLC ILL service, the National Library of Medicine's DOCLINE service, and RLG's RLIN ILL service.

OCLC Local Holdings Maintenance
OCLC Local Holdings helps you maintain accurate, current holdings information. This information supports interlibrary loan by providing your library's holdings for materials in any format, including serials. By making all aspects of the collection known, it also supports collection development. It provides finding tools for local users and staff and assists remote users in deciding whether to travel to the library to use the collection. Finally, it supports consortial sharing, cooperative collection development, and acquisition.

OCLC ILL Direct Request
Direct Request lets a user place a request right from an online citation. That request can then bypass staff review and directly enter the WorldCat Resource Sharing system. Your Direct Request profile sets the criteria that determine if requests are manually processed or automatically sent to an eligible lender, and whether sharing is available for items you already own. Turnaround time decreases, backlogs shrink, and your staff can focus on other priorities.

Support and Sales of OCLC Resource Sharing services

As OCLC and MCLS continue to work in partnership on behalf of OCLC member libraries, we would like to inform you about some important changes with regard to how your library will access support and sales for OCLC products and services. Please be sure to share this news with staff members in your organization who use OCLC services.

OCLC sales
To order OCLC Resource Sharing subscriptions and other OCLC products and services, see OCLC's Orders web page. To request a quote or other sales information, contact OCLC at usa@oclc.org.

OCLC customer support
MCLS/OCLC members will now contact OCLC customer support for all questions related to support for OCLC products and services. To contact OCLC Customer Support, please email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800.

OCLC service hours
OCLC support professionals are available 14 hours a day, Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–9:00 pm Eastern Time to assist you with your needs. They will provide answers about OCLC products and services and help your library maximize the value of your OCLC membership. 

OCLC billing
MCLS will offer billing assistance to your library for OCLC products and services. To contact MCLS for billing assistance, contact Janet LaCross at 1-800-530-9019 extension 116 or at lacrossj@mcls.org.

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