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Product Information: 3M Supplies and Equipment

Security Strips and Applicators
Item Description Qty/box Price/box
DS-B1-N Programmable, adhesive single-sided 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strips (1-19 boxes) 1,000 $210.37
DS-B2-N Programmable, adhesive double-sided 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strips 1,000 $190.36
DVM-1 Videocassette security strips with cover labels
NOTE: 3M now ships DVM-1 without cover labels. For labels, see item DVM-1-Cover.
1,000 $265.11
DCD-2 3M Tattle-Tape security strips for single-sided CDs and DVDs 200 $250.00
R2-Roll-2500 Tattle-Tape strips on a roll
Up to three times faster than applying traditional strips by hand. Model 611 Application System must be used to apply strips. (Contact MCLS for personal assistance with hardware inquiries.)
2,500 $568.08
R2-Roll-7500 Tattle-Tape strips on a roll 7,500 $1,176.48
Bayonets Bayonet insertion tool
Makes placement of B1, B2, and R2 strips faster and easier.
10 $26.13
Stock # Type Qty/box Price/box
75-4700-3214-7 RFID tag, 50×50 mm 2,000 $478.22
75-4700-3261-8 RFID tag, 49×81 mm 3,000 $823.61
* Call MCLS for additional RFID tag options
Shipping & Handling
International orders  -  call for freight quote
* Prices subject to change without notice

3M Security Systems

Protect your library from theft with a reliable and effective security system from 3M. MCLS offers a 5% to 15% discount on all models. More information on 3M Products

Checkpoint security systems

In addition to 3M-branded supplies, MCLS now offers discounted pricing on Checkpoint products such as electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) security systems, self-service solutions, media storage solutions, and other products. The DiscMate items below are in stock at MCLS and ready to ship:
  • Checkpoint CKPT 7286944 DiscMate Single CD Case
  • Checkpoint CKPT 7593314 DiscMate Single DVD Case

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