Evergreen User Manual

MLC Michigan Evergreen User Manual available online

The first draft of the Michigan Evergreen User Manual is now available online in Word format for libraries to review. In it, you will find sections on OPAC searching, loading the Staff Client, Circulation, Cataloging, and Systems Administration. This manual is intended to be used as a handy, day-to-day reference for the Michigan Evergreen integrated library system, either as an online tool or in print format for desk use at circ, reference or cataloging. The print version is indexed for easy reference.

We are asking Evergreen libraries to browse through the draft User Manual and to let us know if you see errors or missing information. Please email Evette Atkin your comments and suggestions for additions and/or improvements by March 15, 2009. We will revise the User Manual and will post the final version on the Michigan Evergreen wiki by late March or early April. Michigan Evergreen libraries are encouraged to make print copies for use in binders as needed.

For further information, see the Michigan Evergreen blog. Eventually, portions of this User Manual may be incorporated into ESI’s XML documentation. We also invite other Evergreen shared systems to use freely in their local documentation and to share their suggestions for improvements as well.

[20 Feb 2009]