Combining MLC & INCOLSA: a letter to our memberships

The following is posted on behalf of the MLC Board and the INCOLSA Executive Committee by Board Chair Pamela Grudzien and EC President Nancy McGriff.

Dear MLC and INCOLSA Members:
Thank you all so much for your votes approving the resolution to combine MLC and INCOLSA into the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services.  The overwhelming support of this change shown by the memberships of both organizations is gratifying.  We also recognize that there were some questions raised about the efficacy of the combination.  Through the coming year,  we believe that our actions as MCLS will allay fears and stimulate growth in library services in both states.
Speaking on behalf of the MLC Board, the INCOLSA EC, and the staff of both organizations, we look forward to working together to bring about a strong cooperative organization that does good things for all the libraries of our two states.
With our best regards to all,
Pamela Grudzien                                      Nancy McGriff
Chair, MLC Board of Directors                  President, INCOLSA Executive Committee

[21 Dec 2009]