Legacy Librarianship

LEUs approved for Aug 12 Legacy Librarianship special program in Indianapolis

MCLS is pleased to announce that our special program, Legacy Librarianship, has been approved for five Technology Library Education Units (5 LEUs).  Online registration is now available.

Legacy Librarianship will be held in Indianapolis on Thursday, August 12, 2010, at the Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport. Presenters at the special program include keynote George Needham, Jessamyn West, and Sue Davidsen, as well as a panel of Indiana librarians.


9:30am Registration

10:00am - 12:00 noon

Keynote: "Legacy Librarianship," George Needham
Many librarians simply take what they've always been told about patrons and their needs for granted, but the world we serve has changed, and new evidence confirms that some of our basic assumptions about library service need to change, too. To stay relevant we must be in sync with the needs and desires of our communities, but how can we implement change when the inertia of "legacy librarianship" is a nearly irresistible force?

Panel of librarians: Patty Lunsford, Saint Elizabeth Regional Health; Sara Laughlin, Monroe County Public Library; George Stachokas, Indiana State University; and Noah Brubaker, University of Indianapolis
In response to George Needham's keynote, the panel will address what they see as the major changes in libraries and how they are grappling with adapting to those changes when offering library services to their communities.

12:00 noon - 1:00pm Lunch


Presenter: "Geek Out Don't Freak Out - the Digital Divide and the Library's Mission," Jessamyn West
, librarian.net
While libraries need to adapt to the changing technological landscape and the shifting face of content, we also need to be the safety net for people lacking access or know-how. Jessamyn West will give a data-rich overview of the digital have-nots and outline some things that work helping smooth the migration, for patrons and librarians, from across the digital divide.

Presenter: "Pandora's Promise," Sue Davidsen, Library Director, Walden University
As libraries ride through the next disruptive technology wave, who wins and who loses? Sue Davidsen, whose library at Walden University is entirely online, will talk about how technology has disrupted libraries and how changes not only to everyday life but to major social institutions like the press and publishing take us even further away from the library's core mission of just 30 years ago. We'll explore what these changes will mean to academic libraries, corporate and public libraries.

For questions about registration for this special program, please contact Heather Thomas, MCLS Training Coordinator II, at thomash@mcls.org or 800-530-9019 x133.

[10 Jun 2010]