MCLS Online Account Webinar

What can Melba do for you?

Join us for a free 15-minute webinar covering the broad range of helpful, time-saving tools available via your MCLS online account. For details and to register, go to the MCLS Basics Webinars page.

Important services and common questions to be covered include:

Logging in
  • Who is allowed to access your account?
  • Unsure of your Screen Name? Try this!
  • Retrieving your full login info

Using MCLS' online store
  • Store overview
  • A simple way to search for products
  • How to request quotes and trials
  • Easy ordering and checkout
  • Requesting special processing is no problem. Here's how.

Managing your MCLS subscriptions
  • Changed your name? New IPs? Other updates? Here's what to do.
  • How to renew, modify, or cancel your subscriptions
  • How to request delayed billing
  • Your MCLS quotes—accept or decline them with a single click.

Running the numbers: billing, payments, and more
  • How to print invoice copies anytime—instantly!
  • Paying invoices via credit card
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Easily pull up deposits, charges, and payments for detailed review

Benefits of billing your OCLC services through MCLS
  • Understanding your OCLC bill
  • See your library's activity for zero-bill items (An MCLS exclusive!)
  • Export reports to Excel for any time frame you choose
  • Keeping tabs on your OCLC deposit account
  • Don't miss our 1% prepayment credit!

[01 Jun 2010]