Merger Vote

Dec 16 Membership Merger Vote

On Wednesday, December 16, MLC is hosting a special membership meeting for the Member Reps to vote on combining MLC and INCOLSA into a single two-state organization, “Midwest Collaborative for Library Services” (MCLS).

The special meeting will begin with an attendance roll call at 10:00 a.m. and will conclude with a roll-call vote.  The meeting is open only to pre-registered Member Representatives who may attend in person at MLC in Lansing or who may phone in via conference call.  Pre-registered Member Representatives will receive call-in information via email.  [Note: if any Member Representatives have pre-registered but have not yet received your conference call information, or if you have trouble connecting to the phone conference, please contact Niki Luttrell at MLC at 1-800-530-9019 x0]

If you are phoning in via the conference call and wish to follow along with the visual presentation, click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

For detailed information on the issue of combining MLC and INCOLSA, see MLC’s web page:  
INCOLSA and MLC—Creating a Better Library Future Together

[15 Dec 2009]