MLC Board Approves Resolution

MLC Board votes to combine with INCOLSA

The Michigan Library Consortium Board voted today for unanimous approval of the Resolution (see below) to combine with INCOLSA.  The next steps toward finalizing the combination process will be membership votes by the MLC membership on December 16 and by the INCOLSA membership on December 17.  For further information on the process of combining MLC and INCOLSA, including information on pre-registering for the special membership meeting on December 16, please see MLC's web page: INCOLSA and MLC: Creating a Better Library Future Together.


WHEREAS, having considered the advantages to the Michigan Library Consortium, Inc. (“MLC”) and its members of combining its operations with those of INCOLSA Inc. (“INCOLSA”) in the Assignment & Assumption Transaction described in the draft MOU, the Board of Directors of MLC hereby finds and declares that it is in the best interest of MLC and its members to proceed with the Transaction;


RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors hereby approves the Assignment & Assumption Transaction described in the draft MOU and recommends the Transaction to the Membership of MLC for their approval and adoption at a special meeting to be held on December 16, 2009; and

RESOLVED FURTHER, that subject to and conditioned upon: (1) approval and adoption of the Transaction by the Membership of MLC; (2) the successful negotiation, execution and delivery of a final form of Memorandum of Understanding between the parties, acceptable to the Board of Directors of MLC and the INCOLSA Executive Committee; and (3) the satisfaction of any other legal requirements upon which the closing of the Transaction might be conditioned, the Board of Directors of MLC is authorized and directed to take all such actions for and on behalf of MLC as they deem appropriate to accomplish the Assignment & Assumption Transaction as described in and effective in accordance with the terms of the final Memorandum of Understanding.

[20 Nov 2009]