SkyRiver Update

SkyRiver Expands Vendor Partnerships

MCLS offers SkyRiver’s full range of cataloging services to MCLS member libraries. 

Press Release from SkyRiver, June 23, 2010
Emeryville, CA—Several major U.S. vendors are now working with SkyRiver to process book shipments for SkyRiver customer libraries. By this arrangement, vendors send shipping manifests to SkyRiver which are matched against the SkyRiver database. The matching full bibliographic records are then extracted and delivered to the library for loading into their local system as each shipment arrives. In addition, SkyRiver returns call number data to the vendor for use in the creation of spine labels. Participating vendors include Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Midwest Library Service, and YBP Library Services, with several others poised to do the same.

Most recently, Baker & Taylor and SkyRiver have forged an agreement whereby Baker & Taylor's customized services for the provision of shelf-ready materials are integrated with the SkyRiver database. Livia Bitner, Vice President of Technical Services & Product Development, Baker & Taylor, notes that "SkyRiver represents another cataloging services choice for libraries which Baker & Taylor is happy to work with."

Jay Askuvich, General Sales Manager, Midwest Library Service, notes "having worked with SkyRiver from its inception last fall, I can say that the development of this new service went smoothly and SkyRiver's responsiveness to our mutual customers' needs has been excellent."

Lynne Branche Brown, SkyRiver's Vice President, Operations, notes that "SkyRiver considers these vendor partnerships to be very important and welcomes more. And, if they already work with other bibliographic utilities, vendors will find that working with SkyRiver represents little or no development on their part."

[30 Jun 2010]