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MCLS and OCLC® are pleased to continue our collaboration to provide opportunities for directors and library staff to build community, deliver programming on the latest OCLC webscale services; and build awareness for OCLC products, services and cooperative initiatives.

OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by its members since 1967. OCLC's public purpose is a statement of commitment to each other—that we will work together to improve access to the information held in libraries around the globe, and find ways to reduce costs for libraries through collaboration.

For more information on our joint programming on the webscale working environment, visit OCLC WorldShare Management Services.

What’s new at OCLC


Getting the Right Fit: Tailoring Assessment Strategies for Your Library": a Collective Insight Event

Date:  April 22, 2014
Time:  8:30 am to 12:00 pm, Eastern Time
Live-streamed from Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Librarians find themselves in an ever-shifting landscape where tight budgets, increased electronic material purchasing, and ever-expanding user expectations influence the use and the perceived value of the library. Central to a library’s success will be the ability to present compelling evidence, backed by data to demonstrate the library’s contribution to their institution’s mission and goals. A key component to determining and expressing the value of the library is increasingly being drawn from a successful assessment program. This event—co-hosted by the Boston Library Consortium and OCLC—will help to define the practice of assessment, explore what drives a successful assessment program, and identify practical tools and techniques that may be tailored to use in reaching the specific assessment goals of your library.


9:00 am—Welcome: Rob Favini, Member Liaison, OCLC, and Susan Stearns, Boston Library Consortium
9:15 am—Keynote: Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC and Marie Radford, Chair of the Department of Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University School of Communication & Information
10:30 am—Break
10:45 am—Panel and discussion
  • Linda Plunket, Associate University Librarian for Graduate and Research Services and Chair of the Boston Library Consortium's Community of Interest on Assessment, Boston University
  • Karen Merguerian, User Engagement Librarian, Northeastern University
  • Rachel Lewellen, Assessment Librarian, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Lisa Horowitz, Assessment Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:45 am—Summary and closing thoughts

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WorldCat Discovery is now available

Libraries using FirstSearch can now move to a richer discovery experience

OCLC has launched WorldCat Discovery Services, making it possible for library staff and users currently using FirstSearch to move to a richer discovery experience. WorldCat Discovery has been developed and refined based on input and feedback from a 30-member Advisory Group and more than 650 FirstSearch beta test libraries around the world.

WorldCat Discovery Services comprise the new suite of cloud-based applications that brings the FirstSearch and WorldCat Local services together. The new suite enables staff and users to discover more than 1.5 billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of both WorldCat and a central index that represents nearly 2,000 e-content collections. The new interface has been built using responsive web design principles and is natively optimized for use across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

WorldCat Discovery Services are now available to thousands of current FirstSearch subscribers as part of existing subscriptions. FirstSearch will operate in parallel with WorldCat Discovery through December 31, 2015, allowing libraries to choose their transition timing. WorldCat Discovery is available initially to libraries in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. It will be made available to libraries in Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa in the coming weeks.

FirstSearch libraries can review migration information, and register their intent to transition to the new service. Multiple training sessions, such as online courses and video tutorials, are available to help libraries make a smooth transition to WorldCat Discovery.

Current WorldCat Local and WorldShare Management Services libraries can begin to use WorldCat Discovery Services during a beta period that begins in April. WorldCat Discovery Services can also be tailored to enhance the local discovery experience through additional fee-based options.

Sign up for a Webinar on WorldCat Discovery Services to see how it works.

Start your transition to WorldCat Discovery today!

Headed to Computers in Libraries 2014? Join your OCLC colleagues for the OCLC Update Breakfast

Please join us for an OCLC Update Breakfast at CIL. We'll meet on Tuesday, April 8, 7:30 - 8:30 am in the Cabinet Room at the Hilton Washington.

Register online for the Update Breakfast here>>

Can’t make it to the breakfast? Stop by and visit with OCLC in Booth 524. We look forward to seeing you there!

Public libraries partner with Redbox and OCLC to extend free, fun 'Outside the Box' events to 20 new communities

Libraries in communities across the country will partner with Redbox, America's destination for entertainment, and OCLC to produce free, fun, public entertainment events. Developed and funded by Redbox, "Outside the Box" will bring people together for these events in 20 new communities this year.

During a 2013 pilot program, 12 Outside the Box events reached over 3,000 people around the country. Pilot efforts were led by public libraries and their communities, and supported by OCLC and consultants at the Project for Public Spaces (PPS).

Building on the pilot's success, Outside the Box will extend to 20 new communities in 2014, reinforcing the goal of creating great places where community members can gather and connect. Public libraries will remain central to Outside the Box, leading community planning sessions and event design.

"Cuyahoga County Public Library's mission is to be at the center of community life," said Sari Feldman, Executive Director, Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library, another pilot participant. "Our participation in the Outside the Box program fully reinforced our mission in that it provided us with exciting tools to create highly engaging community events. We were thrilled to be selected for the pilot program and appreciated how all partners—Redbox, OCLC and Project for Public Spaces—valued the notion that bringing people and families together around fun, entertaining experiences can be a powerful catalyst for strengthening community."

New Outside the Box activities will kick off this spring, with each community designing and hosting events from arts festivals to concerts, outdoor movies and more. Following online training on placemaking and event design, communities will apply to be part of the program. Participating communities will be chosen based on key characteristics such as geographic and ethnic diversity, median household income and local leadership. The project's online resources will be open and available to all. Watch the Outside the Box website for news and information on how to get involved.

Read the full press release here>>

Genealogists can now find FamilySearch and WorldCat records through both online resources

Researchers can find libraries that hold needed information no matter where they start their search

OCLC and FamilySearch International are working together to share data between WorldCat and the FamilySearch Catalog to provide more resources for improved genealogy research. More than 1 million FamilySearch genealogical records are now discoverable in WorldCat, the world’s largest database of records representing resources in libraries worldwide. Links to WorldCat are now available on FamilySearch.org.

Many FamilySearch records added to WorldCat represent large collections of vital information, such as birth and death records from localities all over the world. If digitized, these records link back to FamilySearch.org where they can be viewed online. If on film, these records can be requested from FamilySearch to a satellite or affiliate FamilySearch Family History Center. FamilySearch records with a corresponding WorldCat record will indicate a library or libraries that hold the item.

Read the full press release here>>

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Regularly OCLC offers free, live, online presentations and demonstrations on our products and services. Whether you need an overview of a new product, or want to better understand how upgrades will enhance your workflow, click here for a list of scheduled and pre-recorded web sessions.

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OCLC Services and Support

As OCLC and MCLS continue to work in partnership on behalf of OCLC member libraries, we would like to inform you about some important changes with regard to how your library will now access support for OCLC products and services. Please be sure to share this news with staff members in your organization who use OCLC services.

OCLC customer support
MCLS/OCLC members will now contact OCLC Customer Support for all questions related to support for OCLC products and services.  To contact OCLC Customer Support, please email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800.
Click here for OCLC's Support brochure (PDF).

OCLC Service Hours
OCLC support professionals are available 14 hours a day, Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–9:00 pm Eastern Time, to assist you with your needs. They will provide answers about OCLC products and services, to help your library maximize the value of your OCLC membership.



Q: We’ve hired a new staff person to do our interlibrary loan.  How do we get her trained on OCLC ILL?
A: MCLS will continue to provide training on OCLC products and services.  Please consult our training schedule or contact Heather Ladiski at 1-800-530-9019, ext. 133, or email training@mcls.org.


Q: I have a specific question about an OCLC cataloging process.  Whom do I call?
A: OCLC Customer Support will now respond to all questions related to OCLC products and services. Email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800.

Q: What if I have just a really quick question about how to perform a certain function? Can I still call MCLS?
A: Contact OCLC Customer Support for all questions related to using OCLC products and services. OCLC support professionals are available 14 hours a day, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800.


Q: How do I find out about a specific OCLC product that our library doesn’t currently have?
A: MCLS libraries will receive information about new and enhanced OCLC products and services via regular updates on the MCLS and OCLC Collaboration page, and MCLS mailing lists. See also OCLC's Orders web page.

Q: How do I find out about pricing?
A: Most pricing and online order forms are available on OCLC's Orders web page. For custom price quotes, you will need to contact hurleyb@oclc.org.

Q: How do I place an order? Do I call MCLS?
A: No, libraries will no longer place orders through MCLS. Libraries will now place all of their orders online at OCLC's Orders web page. For questions on products and services, email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800. For custom price quotes, you will need to contact hurleyb@oclc.org.


Q: Whom do I contact with a question about my OCLC bill?
A: OCLC Customer Support will now respond to all questions related to OCLC billing. Email support@oclc.org or call 1-800-848-5800. Beginning with the bill for your July OCLC activity, which you will receive in August, OCLC will be responsible for all billing services. If you have a question, call Becky Hurley, OCLC Director of Order Services at 1-800-848-5878, ext. 4316.

Other Services

Q: Will MCLS still offer non-OCLC products and services?
A: Yes. MCLS continues to serve its members with a variety of other library services including discounted pricing on a wide range of online reference databases, ebooks and ejournals from more than 50 publishers; training sessions (many online!) ranging from book repair to cataloging to e-readers; special programs featuring highly-regarded speakers covering timely subjects; and special rates from major library suppliers, including 3M/Checkpoint security supplies and hardware. MCLS also operates RIDES—the Regional Interlibrary Delivery Service—and works with the Library of Michigan to provide support and training for the Michigan e-Library (MeL) and MeLCat, a statewide resource-sharing catalog.