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Altarama helps reference librarians help patrons find answers. Since 2001, libraries have used Altarama’s family of modules and services to better manage increasingly complex reference request services. Across the globe, libraries of all types and sizes use these open, scalable, and affordable tools to manage reference requests and to measure results.

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Browser-based system (tablet & smartphone friendly) for easy capture of transaction data.

Provides staff with online tick-sheets that can be person- and service point-specific, and can be modified in real time to align with the activities being counted. Information captured in a SQL database allows easy generation of useful reports. DeskStats is invaluable for capturing and reporting meaningful statistics.


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Web-based reference solution for chat, IM and texting

Used by academic and public libraries to engage with patrons using web-page widgets, instant messaging, and text messaging. Provides an elegantly simple staff-side interface and sophisticated queue management for separating and combining patron chat traffic.  RefChatter helps information professionals be more conveniently available to their patrons. Particularly useful in collaborative environments.

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Chat reference service and staffing flexibility.

For libraries using Altarama products to deliver excellent reference services, and for whom after-hours and busy-time backup services are needed, Altarama can provide excellent contract staff services delivered by experienced library professionals who are expert users of Altarama products and who quickly become familiar with your reference resources, policies and practices.


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Web-based solution for managing reference and information requests, providing unparalleled control of request management operations.

Easily customize forms, workflows and policies to align with local needs and challenges. Improve efficiency, reduce errors and duplication, and produce reports for internal and external use.  RefTracker allows information professionals to be more visible and relevant to their patrons and clients.


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RefTracker Express

Quick. Simple. Affordable.

Built on the RefTracker Platform, RefTracker Express is a “load and go” version of Altarama’s flagship solution for smaller request answering services. With an attractive price point, RefTracker Express customers enjoy rapid implementation with the option to add functions and customize features as needs arise.


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