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The Library provides access to the Internet and expects that all who exercise the privilege of this access will do so responsibly. This Acceptable Use Policy was developed to clarify the Library's position regarding Internet access and guidelines for persons accessing the Internet through the Library's computers.

All users of the Library's Internet workstations are expected to abide by the following guidelines. Violation of these guidelines may result in Internet privileges being revoked.


1. Priority use is for those who have library research needs, and patrons may be asked to yield to those with those needs.

2. Posted time limits may be implemented if others are waiting to use the computer.

3. Patrons are to refrain from performing any act that will impair the operation of any facet of access to the Internet or configuration of the workstations. No changing workstation settings.

4. Patrons must refrain from any use of Internet resources which is illegal.

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