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New titles are purchased and added to the collection throughout the year. Content for the collection is purchased through the OverDrive/DLR Content Reserve system. All participating libraries receive training and passwords to access the system. Any participant may add to the collection at any time, but all purchases become part of the shared collection. Content consists of titles from over 150 publishers including genre fiction, popular nonfiction, best sellers, test preparation books, and Cliffs Notes, with formats including Large Type and Foreign Languages.

Collection Development guidelines are discussed at bi-annual User Group meetings. At this time, most of the content purchases are processed by librarian volunteers from two of the participating libraries.

OCLC MARC records are available for the titles in the collection, records are purchased by the group along with content. The records are available for download as an OCLC Collection Set and are optional.

Titles in Collection as of January 22, 2008(counting each format of a title only once): 3144

  • Adobe Reader eBook: 1122
  • Mobipocket Reader eBook: 323
  • OverDrive Audio Book: 1699

Copies in Collection (counting each copy of each format of a title): 3390

  • Adobe Reader eBook: 1312
  • Mobipocket Reader eBook: 332
  • OverDrive Audio Book: 2467

Maximum Access Subscriptions: Maximum Access allows unlimited check-out for select titles. These titles are purchased on a subscription basis, added to the collection for one year.

  • 50 Blackstone Titles in OverDrive Audio Book format - two groups of 25 that rotate subscription dates to keep the selection current.
  • 566 All Image Entertainment Titles (Image video) in OverDrive Video format - not available for Public Performance

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