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Sample Policy

The Library Board acknowledges that the Friends of the Library is an organization separate and apart from the Library, and that the Friends of the Library has its own Board and its own goals and purposes. Neither the Friends of the Library as an organization nor any member or participant thereof may assume any liability or take or authorize any act on behalf of the Library.

Because the Friends of the Library is an organization comprised solely of volunteers distinct and separate from Library personnel, no Library personnel shall perform any duty or take any act on behalf of the Friends of the Library, except Library staff members may act in an advisory capacity for Friends activities.

Operating expenses of the Library are provided through allocation of tax monies which are audited by an independent auditor. Friends’ funds and Library funds shall not be commingled or integrated, except that gifts from Friends may be accepted by the Library, whereupon said gifts shall become solely the funds of the Library but shall be expended for the specific purpose for which the gift or donation has been made by the Friends.

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