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MeL Gateway Exercises Rev. 1/25/07 SR


1. Using Quick Links, connect to a database that might answer a question about high blood pressure. Return to the MeL home page.

2. Using the MeL Pathfinder for Science and the Environment, list one database that would be very likely to produce good results if you searched it for a science topic. Connect to the database, then return to the MeL home page. (You do not need to do a search in the database for this exercise.)

3. Using the MeL Pathfinder for Entertainment, find a web site that lists all Michigan television stations. View the “More” link for the web site, then return to the MeL home page.

4. Which section of MeL Michigana contains family photographs and family papers?

5. List two (2) ways you can connect directly to a list of all the MeL Databases: a.


Once you have connected to this list, what button would you click on to get to a list of the databases that contain full text?

6. List one of the major topics covered by the Help link at the top of the page.


7. Go to MeL Multisearch. Find scientific articles on tsunamis in Japan or India. Hint: use “construct search as” options.

8. Find information on redevelopment of brownfields (term referring to contaminated site) for a local business person.

9. Find only newspaper articles on internet security. Sort by date, then find the newest article in the results list. (Hint: remember how sorted results are returned).

10. Choose 4 different databases and execute a search on a topic of interest to you.


11. List a MeLCat library that owns The Broker, by John Grisham.

12. Find out if Peter White Public Library is a MeLCat participant.

13. Using Advanced MeLCat Search, find out the title of the book with this ISBN: 1840649852

14. Search for books with the LC Subject Heading petroleum industry and trade – China. List one recent title.

15. Search for world war limited to the Navajo language. Is the book available for checkout?