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Client/OPAC – General Policies


The Michigan Evergreen Project offers a unique Integrated Library System (ILS) experience. You will have access to all source code, and the ability to tailor the staff and public interfaces to your individual needs. However, it is important to consider that this is a shared system, and while a virtually infinite number of changes are possi ble, each change must be evaluated to insure proper interaction between all available systems, and to meet all security requirements.

Base provisions

The initial installation will provide a default staff client and OPAC interface. One or more screen layout options will be made available and base colors and graphics will be accepted from each entity to be integrated into the initial clients. Minor customizations to menu or display options may be available within the base configuration, but each request will be evaluated individually to determine it's scope.

Additional customizations

Requested changes above and beyond those offered in the base installation may be requested. Each request will be evaluated and quoted appropriately. The complexity of each request and availability of staff to perform this work will determine the timeline for any customizations.

Customer provided customizations

Customer provided or third-party programming will be accepted, but is subject to review to insure interoperability and security standards are maintained. For any customer provided code, the customer will be responsible for maintaining this code as needed for future product upgrades.

Client/OPAC Policy