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Sample question:

- I started at my library in a support staff role, and have recently been promoted to a supervisor position. I now supervise some of the people that I consider my peers and friends. What tips do you have for handling this awkward situation?

New Questions:

- A couple of my management colleagues are in "quiet" disagreement with each other. However, the situation seems to be escalating, and I'm nervous that their issues with one another are becoming known to the staff who work under their respective leadership, and having a polarizing affect. How would you handle this with your co-workers? Would you talk with your supervisor about it?

- What do you do when there is a vacuum of leadership from above - not a vacancy, but literally, no leadership. How does a middle manager respond without being insubordinate?

- What do you do when your staff can't or won't, and yet the job still needs to get done? How do you reconcile doing line work with your responsibilities as a leader?

- How do you decide when it may be time to seek a new position?

- How do you prioritize your duties? I sometimes have a hard time juggling my responsibilities to the staff in my department along with my responsibilities as as leader.

- Is it normal to feel that some days I have nothing to show for my work? And yet, I was busy the whole day, usually talking with various people?

- What tips do you have for addressing a conflict between two or more staff people?