Unattended Children Policy

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Sample Policy

“Unattended” means that the parent or care giver is not in the Library building with the child.

Children under the age of seven should be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible adult or mature adolescent over the age of 12. Children aged four and younger may not be left in the children's area unless attending scheduled library programs. Children aged five and six may be left alone in the children's area provided a responsible adult or mature adolescent is in the building. Children aged seven and older may use the library unattended subject to the library's behavior policies.

Parents/legal guardians are responsible for their children's safety and behavior while in the library or on library property and will be held responsible for damage to library property caused by their children.

If it is determined by library staff that a child is left unattended, a staff person shall try to locate the parent or care giver following established procedures.

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