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Library volunteers need good direction. They need to do useful things (no busy work) and to feel valued and appreciated.

Sample library volunteer duties in Michigan libraries:

1. Shelving and shelf reading

2. Pulling materials on hold from the shelves

3. Helping with children's craft programs (preparing materials in advance and helping with the craft)

4. Stamping and putting labels on new paperbacks -- adult and juvenile

5. Stamping and labeling new materials (books, DVD's, etc.) in processing

6. Stamping, boxing and bundling withdrawn materials for monthly book sale or for discard

7. Reviewing condition of books on tape for damage and/or repair

8. Assisting with the inventory of the collection by scanning barcodes with the portable scanner

Sample Volunteer Policies

Brandon Township Library Volunteer Policy

Capital Area District Library

Chippewa River District Library

Richland Community Library Volunteer Services


Achieving Success Through Volunteers (A binder available through your local MSU Extension office)

Managing Library Volunteers. A Practical Toolkit by Preston Driggers and Eileen Dumas (ISBN 0838908063), 2006.

Other Recommendations

Check with your library's insurance carrier and/or legal counsel.

Conduct Background Checks