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Welcome to the MLC page of the WJSchroer Co.

For more detailed information go to our website: [1]

We are a social marketing/research consulting firm that works almost exclusively with non-profit organizations. The bulk of our work is with public libraries in the States of Michigan and Ohio.

While we hope you will call us to determine how we can help you with your planning, marketing or research needs, listed below are samples of the studies/work we have done for public libraries in Michigan:

AAU Research (Attitude, Awareness, Usage) Studies. Done to provide a comprehensive understanding of library users and non-users views of the Library, how it is used, (why it isn't used), likes, dislikes, concerns, unmet needs, perceptions of customer service, programs, hours, collections, etc. Considered a major benchmark study and almost essential prior to a major decisionmaking such as the development of a Strategic Plan.