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Tanya Kuza [[[www.awaytoread.com ]]] 2906 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202 email:


Business: 248-245-0582 Fax: 248-360-6148

Detailed Descriptions of Services Provided by Tanya Kuza


• Story and signing event: A 50 minute story time geared for 2nd grade and under. Included is a brief introduction, a reading of Everyday Signs for the Newborn Baby and one more book/signing or song/signing at the end if time permits. As I go along with providing instructions for the children to learn the signs in the book. Followed by questions / answers along with an ASL based activity handout, to be completed after the session. I prefer and work best in a classroom setting, with no more than two combined classes of children sitting on a rug close by. A count is required due to activity hand outs.


• Adult oriented presentation or geared for older children. A 60 minute session includes question and answer period afterwards. An agenda outline will be provided in advance to go with curriculum ideas. Topics to choose from include one or two choices from the list below, depending on questions and time constraints.

• Child oriented includes a writing contest, for children, with a judge. The manuscripts are delivered or mailed to the author within two weeks of the presentation. An award certificate will be mailed out to the most interesting style. A gift certificate from a local independent bookstore for winning the contest – must be made through your organization! Lessons learned, if you like what you have done, wonderful, not everyone will feel the way you do, and rejections are part of the game, and persistence is too! Provide a real writers experience in a form of a writing contest. Each student who participates will either receive a rejection letter or gift certificate for winning the contest.

Come Sign with Tanya ASL Classes

• Up to 60 baby friendly signs that will be easy to learn and teach your child • A different theme each class meeting with fun and interactive songs and fingerplays that will help you teach your child • How to sing and sign to some of your child’s favorite songs and read and sign to some of your child’s favorite books. • Accurate American Sign Language signs - No made up signs or gestures!

Parent & Me Groups Workshop: Learn with your peers in a supportive environment. Take the information you learn home and share with your family. Presentations are informal sessions that will demonstrate how the SIGN with your BABY program and services are right for you. This 20 minute lesson can be scheduled for community groups, schools, hospitals, mother's groups, libraries, bookstores, or any other interested groups. Focusing on teaching signing to children and the elderly with loss of verbal skills. Your group can host a small Can Sign Workshop. Included is a brief introduction about the benefits of signing/ three first signs and how to get started/ sign and read or sign and sing event/ question and answer period/ review of class offerings

Sign, Sing, Read and Play Classes: This parent-tot series class is offered in 4 weekly one-hour sessions. {LOCATION PROVIDER – set aside this class for 5 weeks due to rescheduling for illness} Parents and children learn signs and signing strategies through large and small group playtime activities and song. Each class is based on a weekly theme. Approximately 10 minutes of parent focused lecture is included during each class. Come prepared to learn and have fun as classes are interactive for both child and parent. Enhance your child's learning abilities through the bonding of music and reading books while using American Sign Language. Early exposure to a kinesthetic language of ASL, provides an avenue for communication development as well as assists with literacy and reading readiness. Motor skills, dexterity, rhythm and hand-eye coordination improve and increase brain activity and growth through hearing music and active participation in it. Studies show that music provides tools essential for problem solving and fosters emotional bonding and self esteem. Includes: 8 Reminder Series Strategy Sheets/ ASL Illustrated Book/ Quick Reference Guide. The class is designed for consistency, please be present for all classes.

Requirements prior to event:

Extra sessions are available as long as it is on the same day and back to back. Written contracts prior to the events need to be completed along with payment. Events need to be kept on schedule. Extensions more than 15 minutes will cut into the presentation, as other scheduled visits may be planned. If you provide my book to be available, for pre-sale, before and after the event, I will sign those books for the event they were intended for. If you also allow my books to be present at book sale events, and promote a form of advertising to make parents aware, and provide them forms to purchase the book - a discount will be offered upon pre-sales. Advertise and promote the event through local channels. Get the children excited about meeting a real author. Encourage the children to write down questions that they would like to ask the author and remind them to bring their questions to the author's presentation. Written contracts prior to the events need to be completed along with payment. Events need to be kept on schedule. Contact for Pricing Travel expense not included Tanya Kuza [www.awaytoread.com] 2906 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202 email:


Business: 248-245-0582 Fax: 248-360-6148



Payment is due day of instruction, payment is made to awaytoread in a form of check at the beginning of class instruction and travel expense is not included, but rate will be provided prior to arrival of instruction.

Refunds Refunds are permitted, only if requested PRIOR to the second class in the session. A $15.00 processing fee will be charged for all refunds. Make up policy Classes missed for any reason may be made up to ONE make up class can be rescheduled. Refunds are permitted of unopened materials only and return shipment is required from you. A 10% processing fee will be charged for all material refunds.

Sick child policy Out of concern for all children present, PLEASE do not come to class if you or your child is sick.

Holidays DAKITAB INC. will honor major legal holidays. Please call in advance for holiday rescheduling. Payment Please make check or money order payable to "awaytoread" write your child's name on the check. Payment in full must be received prior to the start of class. There is a $30.00 processing fee for returned checks. The class is designed for consistency, please be present for all classes.

Additional items can be ordered after the class.