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In order to use circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, booking, serials and local administration features in Evergreen, you need to log in to the Evergreen staff client.

Registering a workstation and first time login

To open the Evergreen staff client, double click on the Evergreen icon on your computer desktop. The Evergreen staff client Startup and Shutdown window will display. The first time you in from a particular workstation, you will be required to enter in hostname and workstation information.

EG Logo with words.png

Enter in the Hostname (URL) for your library in the box in the Server section in the top left quadrant of the screen. For example, the hostname for the Michigan Evergreen training database is

Enter in a Username and Password in the Authentication section located in the lower left quadrant of the screen. Click on Login.

After the system verifies the hostname, user and password, you will be prompted to enter a workstation name and library to register the client. Type in the Name for the workstation (it must be unique). Next choose the library/branch from the drop-down menu beneath the name. For example, the Dora branch of the Michigan Evergreen training database. Once you have selected the library, click on Register.

If everything is successful (you entered in a unique workstation name, etc.), a box will pop up with the message: “Registration successful.” Click on the OK button.

The screen will refresh with the name of the workstation in the Workstation section in the upper right quadrant of the screen.

After registering a workstation, you will need to log in again to open the staff client.

Logging on to the staff client

1. Double click on the Evergreen staff client icon located on your desktop.

EG Logo with words.png

2.The Evergreen staff client Startup and Shutdown window will display.
Type in your Username – for example, mlc1
Type your Password – for example, ilikebooks23

Login screen.jpg

These are just examples, in your own database, you would use our own username and password to sign in.

3. Click on Login.

4. If everything is valid, the staff client will open in a new window.

If you haven't yet registered your workstation - see Registering a workstation and first time login for information on how to do so.

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