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For sample library policies relating to Friends groups, see Friends Policy.

Resources for Friends Groups

Friends of Indiana Libraries (FOIL) is an organization that works for the benefit of libraries within the state of Indiana. FOIL consists of many local Friends groups as well as individuals and corporations interested in working with and for Indiana libraries.

FOLUSA, Friends of Libraries U.S.A., is a nationwide organization for Friends of the Library groups. FOLUSA provides resources, services, and networking opportunities for Friends, Trustees, and Foundations across the country to increase and enhance their efforts on behalf of libraries of all types.

Friends of the Library Book Sales

These web sites contain detailed information on rules, layout, pricing, volunteers, etc., for the Friends' book sales and are good resources for other Friends groups planning their own book sales.

Friends of the Seattle Public Library Book Sale

Friends of the Tompkins County, NY, Friends of the Library

Friends of UW-Madison Libraries - Book Sale

Multnomah County Library Friends of the Library Book Sale