Identifying your library's holdings/Holdings maintenance

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Identifying your library's holdings/Holdings maintenance

After searching for a title, you can view holdings for specific libraries by clicking on Actions for this Record in the upper right on the OPAC view of the record and selecting Holdings Maintenance.

The holdings screen will display. There is a hierarchy of holdings. The first level is the Michigan Evergreen union catalog. Beneath it is the library system, which will have one or more libraries and attached. In the Michigan Evergreen training database (displayed below), the branches are Dora, Sadie, Pesto and Rory.

Beneath each library is a listing of all of the copies of the title owned by the library. Horizontally the item barcode is listed first, then item number, followed by the call number, the name of the circulating library, the due date if the copy is checked out, the location where the copy is stored, the owning library and the status.

You can change what information the holdings screen displays by clicking the column picker on the far right of the column headings and add or remove any headings you want to view.

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