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What is MeLCat?

MeLCat is the statewide union catalog and resource sharing project to share materials among all types of libraries in Michigan, regardless of the local circulation system they use. The two components of MeLCat are the union catalog and a patron-initiated interlibrary loan system. While the ability to search MeLCat is open to everyone, only eligible patrons from participating libraries may request materials to be delivered to their home libraries.

This service is funded in part by the State of Michigan through the Library of Michigan. Additional project support comes from the Federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) via the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Overview of a MeLCat Request

When a patron places a successful request, MeLCat manages the transactions between the borrowing and lending libraries, providing the the information needed for the fulfillment and management of the request.

1. Patron searches and places a request for an available title in MeLCat.

2. Patron's eligibility is verified.

3. Lending library is sent notification of request for material. (Status = 1 HOLD)

4. Lending library retrieves item from shelf and checks it out to the borrowing library. (Status = IN TRANSIT)

5. Borrowing library receives request and checks it in. (Status = RECEIVED)

6. Patron is notified request is available.

7. Patron picks up item, it is checked out to them and a due date is assigned. (Status = due date)

8. Patron returns item to borrowing library, the request is checked in and returned to the lending library. (Status = RETURNED)

9. Lending library receives returned request and checks it in.

The Public Side of MeLCat

Wiki for MeLCat Libraries Note: this wiki is password-protected for access by MeLCat libraries only.