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There are various ways of performing tasks in Evergreen. A combination of menus, function keys and buttons are used in searching and performing functions


In the upper left corner, see File, Edit, Search, Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions and Booking menus. Clicking on each of those will bring up many more options.

Navigating a tabbed interface

Evergreen uses a “tabbed” interface. Tabs allow you to have several pages open at the same time in a single window. You can easily switch between tabs in the same window.

The “tabs” appear below the menu bar in Evergreen with a descriptive title. Click on a tab to bring it to the front and view the page displayed in the tab. You can use tabs to have access to multiple things all at the same time: patron records and searches, bibliographic records and searches, circulation or cataloging interfaces – anything at all in Evergreen. In version 2.1, you can have an unlimited number of tabs open at a time.

  • Create a new tab by pressing Ctrl+T on the keyboard or selecting File > New Tab from the menu.
  • Close a tab by pressing Ctrl+W on the keyboard or selecting File > Close Tab from the menu or by clicking on the x in the upper right hand corner of the tab.

Function keys

Instead of using a mouse and clicking, you can use these function keys on the keyboard to quickly access operations in the staff client.

  • F1 - Check Out Items
  • Shift + F1 - Register Patron
  • F2 - Check In Items
  • CTRL + F2 - Renew Items
  • Shift + F2 - Capture Holds
  • F3 - Search the Catalog
  • Shift + F3 - Search for record by TCN
  • F4 - Search for Patrons
  • F5 - Item Status
  • F6 - Record in-house use
  • F8 - Retrieve Last Patron
  • Shift + F8 Retrieve Last Record
  • F9 - Re-Print Last

Keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL + C: Copy
  • CTRL + X: Cut
  • CTRL + V: Paste
  • CTRL + Z: Undo
  • CTRL + B: Bold
  • CTRL + U: Underline
  • CTRL + I: Italic
  • CTRL + N: New Window
  • CTRL + Q: Close Window
  • CTRL + Shift+ W: Close All Tabs


In Evergreen version 2.1, there are buttons at the top of the screen, below the menu bar. They include Check Out, Check In, Search Catalog, Item Status, Patron Search and Patron Registration. On the far right of the button bar, there is an option to Toggle Hotkeys, which if clicked (with a red "x" over the keyboard key), would prevent staff from using keyboard shortcuts.

If you click on the arrows on the right of the buttons - even more options will be given.

Under Check Out

  • Check Out Items
  • Record In-House Use

Check In

  • Check In Items
  • Capture Holds

Search Catalog

  • Search the Catalog
  • Retrieve record by TCN
  • Retrieve record by Record ID.


Item Status

  • Show Item Status by Barcode
  • Replace Barcode

Patron Search

  • Search for Patrons
  • Search for patron by Barcode

Patron Registration

  • Register Patrons
  • Pending Patrons

There are many options for the display of the button bar. If you click on the Admin menu at the upper right of the screen, select Workstation Administration then Toolbars, you will presented with four options to change the button bar and two options to change the default workstation.

The options under Toolbars include:




Icons and Labels
Icons Only
Labels Only

Label Position

Next to icons
Under icons

Icon Size


Set Workstation Default to Current - this would set the current toolbar configuration to the workstation default

Clear Workstation Default - this would clear the toolbar configuration workstation default

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