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To re-activate downloads, follow these steps:

1. Using Internet Explorer, go to

2. Log in using the username/password assigned to your library.

3. Click on “Collection Reports”

4. Click on “View Activity Charts”

5. Put in as much criteria as you can to narrow the search. You need at least the name of the home library and the format. A start/end date can be helpful too. Click on “OK”.

6. Click on the type of format under “Format” in the chart.

7. A list of titles appears. Find the one you need to reset.

8. In the far, right-hand column, under “Action,” click on “View” for that title.

9. If there is a “0” next to “Downloads Remaining,” click on “Reset.”

10.Fill in a reason if requested, such as “patron needs more downloads” and click on “Re-activate”.