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The following are brief descriptions of the Bowker databases available for group subscriptions through MCLS. For more complete descriptions, please click on the database name or visit R.R. Bowker on the Web.  Technical information, Quick Guides, logos, stats, and other useful information can be found at

MCLS' group subscriptions to Bowker's databases run annually October 1–September 30. with Reviews  

See our "What's New?" section above for important details about Bowker's new Books in Print 2.0 interface!

Content in Bowker's with Reviews includes over 900,000 full-text book reviews from Kirkus, Choice, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and other sources. It also has expanded audio and video listings (e.g., titles from feature films, documentaries, old radio programs, etc.). Stock information is included from 25 major vendors. Emery-Pratt provides DIRECT ordering. also includes a feature called Hooks to Holdings. Search a title in with Reviews and link directly to your library OPAC. You can also create and download lists for selection and ordering, as well as create alerts so you can be notified when new titles are published. with Reviews is updated daily and features versatile search fields such as keyword in title, keyword in subject, and series title. with Reviews gives library users a friendly environment on your library’s public-access website to search the industry’s largest unbiased, web-based bibliographic resource. The interface uses easy-to-understand patron oriented language! No more “trade cloth bindings”—just language that your patrons will be able to comprehend and navigate quickly. Patron can create personalized readings or research lists. List details can be viewed, edited, printed or e-mailed to a personal e-mail address. “My Favorites” allows users to create a personalized profile of search criteria and interests. When new books, audio books, or videos are released that fit their criteria, they will receive a personal e-mail alert.

Other FREE services in with Reviews include:
  • Children’s Books in Print focuses solely on reading and educational/textbook materials for the children’s and young-adult market. Search by subject (5000+), age, Lexile level, awards, series, and full-text reviews. And, a special Children’s Room features many useful links to fun educational sites. Quickly link to puzzle sites, reading sites, and much more.

  • Fiction Connection, a complementary reader’s advisory tool featuring the popular AquaBrowser interface. Now, recommending titles is as easy as typing in an author, title, subject, or ISBN. Fiction Connection will then display a recommended reading list of books that have similar characteristics to the topic originally selected. Never a dead end – every topic displayed has a suggested title.

  • Non-Fiction Connection, a module of Fiction Connection that will allow users to find non-fiction titles based on books that they have already read and enjoyed. Current Fiction Connection functionality will remain. A subscription to Non-Fiction Connection will give users access to two additional tabs: one that will allow searching on just non-fiction titles, and one that will allow searching on all titles in the database, fiction AND non-fiction.

    The non-fiction content that is being created will primarily be "narrative non-fiction", i.e. non-fiction that is character-driven and reads like fiction with good storylines, interesting characters, unfamiliar places, drama, etc. Non-fiction genres that will be covered include true crime, travel, history, food, animals, humor, and more. We will not be including instructional titles at this time (i.e. cookbooks, travel books, textbooks, etc.).
    Titles will be chosen from popular review sources such as Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, as well as bestseller lists such as the NY Times and Amazon. Some titles you will see include:

Bowker’s Book Analysis System  

Bowker Book Analysis System is a powerful collection-analysis tool and an essential resource for academic librarians to electronically compare their library's collection against Resources for College Libraries (RCL). This customizable, self-service analysis tool eliminates tedious manual comparison via customized reports for data cleansing and management, and instant identification of the gaps and overlaps in your collection—so you can make better informed selection decisions. Additional product information is available at

LibraryThing for Libraries  

LibraryThing for Libraries—distributed exclusively by Bowker—enriches your library's online catalog with the power and fun of Library 2.0. LTFL features build upon data from LibraryThing, the world's first and largest personal social-cataloging community. With LTFL in your catalog, your patrons can browse, search, and engage with your libraries' holdings in a new, powerful, and engaging way.

LibraryThing for Libraries products include:
  • Catalog enhancements—over 40 million tags, similar titles
  • Review enhancements—over 375,000 worldwide vetted patron reviews
  • Shelf browse—see the books as they appear in your library
  • Library Anywhere—mobile catalog for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

Click here for a LibraryThing for Libraries flyer or visit the LibraryThing for Libraries website for more information.

RCL Career Resources  

Resources for College Libraries: Career Resources (RCL-CR) combines with the comprehensive bibliographic resources from RCL to create the recommended titles for community and vocational/technical colleges, as well as four-year institutions. With RCL Career Resources users have access to nearly 74,000 titles.


Is the long awaited successor to Books for College Libraries 3rd Edition, this academic library core title list from ACRL’s Choice covers 58 undergraduate subjects.  Usage options are available for students, faculty, and library staff, making RCLweb the ultimate resource to find research materials, enhance course curriculum, and aid in collection development.

Syndetic Solutions  

Syndetic Solutions encompasses a variety of a la carte enhancements for Ex Libris, Endeavor, and Innovative OPACS that give your patrons enhanced usability and a richer search experience. Cover images and data in either HTML or XML format are hosted by Bowker’s servers and seamlessly integrated to add rich content to your catalog. Data elements offered by Syndetic Solutions include:
  • Annotations
  • Author Notes
  • Awards
  • Book Reviews
  • Cover images
  • Fiction and Biography Profiles
    • Genre and sub-genre
    • Time periods
    • Topics within the plot
    • Awards
    • Main characters
    • Author notes
    • Character attributes
    • Plot summaries
    • Settings
    • Special notes
  • First Chapters and Excerpts
  • New York Times Book Reviews
  • Series
  • Tables of Contents
  • Video & Music Content
  • Video Preview Clips

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