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RIDES offers participants two options for preparing items for delivery—Pack or No Pack. Any library that would like to participate as a No Pack library must notify MCLS via the RIDES Assistance form. Only books may be sent unpackaged. NOTE: RIDES will not accept responsibility for damage, liability, nor will they reimburse, for any items that are shipped through delivery without packaging. Libraries that participate as 'No Pack' accept full financial responsibility for their own books. 'No Pack' libraries may not invoice borrowing libraries or RIDES for lost or damaged books sent without packaging.

Lending library procedure


Borrowing library procedure


Item type packaging instructions


A/V and non-book materials



To create RIDES shipping labels:

  1. Access the RIDES label maker at: http://mcls.org/rideslabels.
  2. Search for the correct library locations, either using the 'Search' box or scrolling the left 'Locations' column. Verify both the MeL Agency code (zcode) and the library name.
  3. Highlight the library name. Double-click or use the arrow button to add the location to your list on the right.
  4. Under 'Format', choose to create either 'Plain Paper' for 2 labels on 8.5" x 11" paper or 'Labels' to print 6 per page.
  5. Click 'Print' to display the 'Confirm Labels and Quantity' page.
  6. If desired, change the 'Quantity' of labels to print for each location.
  7. If desired, select 'Dedicated' for single destination labels.
  8. Click on 'Print Labels'.
  9. Click 'OK' on the PDF pop-up.
  10. Verify and print your labels.
  11. To make more labels, close the PDF and click on the 'Back' button.

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Shipping and supplies


Delivery site responsibilities

RIDES Incoming sign word-icon.png
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Non-compliance disciplinary action will proceed in the following manner, as necessary, until there is a resolution of the problem:

  1. Contact: Library staff will contact the RIDES contact at the non-compliant library.
  2. If the issue continues, staff will contact the Director at the non-compliant library (if different from the RIDES contact).
  3. If this does not resolve the issue, staff should notify the RIDES Coordinator who will contact the RIDES contact at the non-compliant library, and the Director if necessary, requesting compliance.
  4. Written reprimand: If the non-compliant library does not comply within one month, they will be notified of the seriousness of non-compliance with warning of suspension.
  5. Suspension: If the non-compliant library does not comply within one month, the non-compliant library will be suspended from participation in RIDES for a period of two weeks.
  6. Termination of service: If the non-compliant library does not comply within two weeks, RIDES service will be terminated and a credit issued for any remaining time in the subscription period.

Problem reporting and resolution

If your library experiences any of the situations cited below, please complete the RIDES Assistance form. Options on the form include:

Damaged Materials

MeLCat Lost/Missing Materials

Non-MeLCat Lost/Missing Materials

Non Delivery


Closing Information



Recurring problems will be investigated and negotiated by the RIDES Coordinator.

Damaged material procedure

The library that receives damaged item, whether lending or borrowing, should:

Lost/missing material procedure

RIDES Procedures: MeLCat Lost/Missing pdf-icon.png
RIDES Procedures: MeLCat Lost/Missing Workflow chart pdf-icon.png

MeLCat Borrowing Libraries track items their patrons request by processing the 'In Transit Too Long' and 'Returned Too Long' reports. Data from those reports is used to create RIDES Lost/Missing reports.

For non-MeLCat items or non-MeLCat Libraries, the tracking process of the materials must be verified, indicating the status of items being sent from library A to library B as 'In Transit', and items being returned from library B to library A as 'Returned'.

When an item is missing:

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