Joining MeLCat

Any Michigan library may participate in MeLCat. Participation is voluntary.

 To apply to be in MeLCat:

  1. Submit a MeLCat Participation Application Form and agree to:
    • load your bibliographic records and holdings into the union catalog,
    • share your circulating collections and authorize your patrons to make requests,
    • abide by MeLCat policies, and
    • participate in a statewide delivery service.

  2. If your library is a member of a shared library automation system, the shared system will need to submit a MeLCat Shared System Application Form and agree to:
    • provide your bibliographic and holdings records for loading, and
    • provide links to your patron records, as needed for your library to participate in MeLCat.

  3. Submit a MeLCat Pre-Implementation Survey, which is sent to you after the participation application is received.

  4. If your library needs to subscribe to the statewide delivery service - please go to RIDES Start-Up for instructions.

MeLCat implementation takes approximately three months. What does that entail? Please see Steps to implement MeLCat.

Questions? Please contact:

1-800-530-9019 ext. 403